About us

PENTACARE AYURPHARMA was established in 1999 by a team of quality-conscious and clinically excelled post-graduates in Ayurveda to provide safe and versatile medicines. It has successfully brought to the forefront the rich science & rationale behind each dosage form by interpreting and implementing the nuances, as envisaged by Acharyas.

Every formulation is a perfect blend of the finest ingredients and prepared in-house under the strict supervision of qualified & well-trained post-graduates in Ayurveda and modern pharmaceutics. One of the primary focuses is to instill confidence in budding physicians to embrace Ayurveda practice. The range includes simple microfine herbal powders to complex nanoparticles of metals and minerals in both classical and contemporary dosage forms.


Committed to Value-Based Ayurvedic Health Care.


Pentacare Ayurpharma envisions a possibility where time-tested & safe Ayurveda principles and practices play a vital role in addressing modern-day healthcare challenges. Earnestly committed to blend Traditional wisdom & contemporary science to make safe & versatile formulations and provide protocol-based treatments.