Amalaki Ghanavati

155 for 45 T

हरीतकीसमं धात्रीफलं किन्तु विशेषतः ।

रक्तपित्तप्रमेहघ्नं परं वृष्यं रसायनम् ॥३९॥

हन्ति वातं तदम्लत्वात्पित्तं माध्युर्यशैत्यतः ।

कफं रुक्षकषायत्वात्फलं धात्र्यास्त्रिदोषजित् ॥४०॥

यस्य यस्य फलस्येह वीर्यं भवति यादृशम् ।

तस्य तस्यैव वीर्य्येण मज्जानमपि निर्दिशेत् ॥४१॥

Reference: Bhavaprakasha Nighantu, Haritakyadi Varga, 39-41.
Each tablet contains aqueous extract derived from 2 g of Amalaki (Emblica officinalis).
Raktapitta, Prameha, Vrushya, Rasayana and useful in management of Tridoshaja vikaras. 
1-2 tablets, 2-3 times a day, one hour before food or as directed by the physician.


It has potent alpha-amylase & alpha-glycosidase inhibitor with significant anti-glycation & anti-oxidant activities. It has shown protective effect on endothelial dysfunction and biomarkers of oxidative stress in patients with type II diabetes.


Amalaki is one of the oldest and safest known drug for its rejuvenation and tonic properties, especially on the respiratory system. Its regular use helps to enhance respiratory immunity & develops resistance against cough, cold & allergic bronchitis.


Amalaki protects against free- radical damage. It increases WBC & strengthens immunity and enhances natural killer (NK) cell activity. It is useful in management of clinical conditions arising out of low immunity including wasting disorders & recurrent infections.


Regular use prevents oxidative damage, promotes pro- collagen production & inhibits MMP-1 in human skin fibroblasts. Amalaki elevates hepatic anti-oxidant system & fights oxidative stress. It prevents mutagenicity by hemato & immuno-protective activities and Amalaki is a cytoprotective.