Chopachini Ghanavati

170 for 45 T
द्वीपान्तरवचा किञ्चित्तिक्तोष्णा वह्निदीप्तिकृत् ।
विबन्धाध्मानशूलघ्नी शकृन्मूत्रविशोधिनी ॥१०७॥
वातव्याधीनपस्मारमुन्मादं तनुवेदनाम् ।
व्यपोहति विशेषेण फिरङ्गामयनाशिनी ॥१०८॥
Reference: Bhavaprakasha Nighantu, Haritakyadi Varga, 107-108.
Each tablet contains aqueous extract derived from 2 g of Chopachini (Smilax china).
Vibandha, Adhmana, Shula, Apasmara, Unmada, Phiranga, and Vatavyadhi. 
1-2 tablets, 2-3 times a day, one hour before food or as directed by the physician.


The root of Chopachini contain steroidal saponins, beta-sitosterol and smilaxin. The aqueous extract is useful in the treatment of chronic skin disease, including abscesses, pyoderma, burns and venereal diseases.


It helps to improve the muscle mass and body strength. It has a special property to nourish Dhatu, improve immunity & alleviates weakness. As a nervine tonic, it is used in the management of neuromuscular disorders.


The extract of Chopachini is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic properties. It is safe and effective in the management of inflammatory and infective articular conditions including Rheumatoid arthritis.