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The unsung heroes of our strength, resolve & commitment

During formative years, a handful of practitioners extended very crucial unwavering & unconditional support in return for consistent quality medicines and nothing else. We are greatly indebted to each of those, including unseen and unheard physicians, who are the true strength of PENTACARE AYURPHARMA

"PENTACARE is known for its inflexible adherence to Ayurvedic principles while making quality medicines. "
"I am proud of being associated with Pentacare Ayurpharma since its inception. Its innovative, potent, and patient-friendly dosage forms are helping physicians. I wish Dr. Niranjan & team great success in the coming years."

Dr. K. S. Jayashree, MD.(Ayu.)
Former Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, SCSVMV, Kanchi, Tamil Nadu, President-Tribhuvan H. H. Foundation, Bengaluru.

"Its uncompromised commitment to quality at every stage, however tedious it may be, is commendable."
"Extremely happy to be part of PENTACARE since its inception. Every dosage form I have used has given us remarkable results, year after year. I am proud of its contribution to the clinical excellence of quality-oriented private practitioners."

Dr. Raghurama Shenoy BSc, BSAM, BAMS, MD.(Ayu)

Dr. Sudharani. MD.(Ayu),
DEVI SREE Clinic, Chamarajapet, Bengaluru.

"One can trust the quality, genuineness and prompt supply at any time. "
"Proud to be associated with Pentacare Ayurpharma from the time of its formation. I am using most of their unique products, and they are giving good results."

Dr. L Sucharitha M.D (Ayu.)
Pandit Clinic, Chamarajapet, Bengaluru.
Guru-Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth.

"Pentacare is a pioneer in blending Ayurvedic & modern manufacturing protocols to bring out quality & efficacious medicines. "
"Ghana Kwathas are known for their remarkable results, and more so, the Ghana Vatis. Appreciation to Dr Niranajan & team for maintaining quality since inception & wish the company the best for spreading awareness about Ayurveda."

Dr. Muralidhara MD (KC)
Sudhanva Health Centre-RR Nagar, Bengaluru.
Guru-Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth.

"PENTACARE AYURPHARMA stood up to my quality demands through its wide range of classical & proprietary medicines for two decades.
"I, being a person of rationality & scientific temper, was searching for dependable medicines. Dr. Niranjana Murthy & his team have not just met my requirements but have taken Ayurveda practice to a different level through its patient-friendly and result-oriented medicines. Its efforts to project the true face of clinical Ayurveda are highly appreciated."

Dr. M B Gururaja, MD.(NIA-Jaipur)
Chief Ayurveda Physician, Dhavala Pentacare Ayurveda Hospital, Shivamogga, Karnataka.

"PENTACARE AYURPHARMA is known for manufacturing genuine & quality medicines without deviating from classical principles."
"Apt use of modern techniques to increase potency is another hallmark. Band-sealed capsules have solved palatability issues, and Ghana Kwathas are giving excellent results. Remarkable is its contribution to the development of Ayurveda. Kudos to team lead by Dr. Niranjana Murthy."

Dr. Satish Rao. B.N. MD. (Ayu)
Srinidhi Ayurvedic Centre, Basavangudi, Bengaluru.